Happy 2011!

I’ve got a lot of fantastic weddings to show you in the next few weeks!  Here’s a sneak peek at what coming up…

Sherilyn & Brad | Sonoma, CA

Jenna & Nick | San Jose, CA

Judy & Sophorn | Anaheim, CA

Emily & Martin | Los Angeles, CA

Carol & Donny | Fullerton, CA

Helen & Steve | Malibu, CA

Selena & Vincent | Oakland, CA

Vicky & Albert | Carmichael, CA

Gracie & Justin | San Francisco, CA

Crystal & Jonathan | Anaheim, CA

Leslie & Thao Engaged | Laguna Beach, CA

I have many exciting things to share with you this upcoming year!  Stay tuned for my 2011 schedule, my future plans, and more!

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One last note, I am at 70% capacity for 2011.  If you are a 2011 bride or groom and are interested in possibly securing a date for next year, I encourage you to contact me and any of your other potential venues and vendors as soon as possible!


Thao & Leslie!
The suspense is killing us! MORE PICS MORE PICS! Oh just get married already so we can see your beautiful babies!!!! 😉