I was privileged to be asked by my friend and mentor Scott Robert Lim to speak at his workshop in Hawaii this past summer, and was thrilled that I could coordinate the trip with my family vacation.  We all had a phenomenal time as we split our time between leisure, learning, and shooting!  During the week, he taught his signature lighting and posing techniques.  I had the pleasure of taking his course many years ago, and it has been the foundation of my style ever since.  My small role was to discuss my journey in the business, experiences, and how I created a successful studio from the ground up.   Scott will also be holding more workshops this year, please check his blog for more details! http://scottrobertla.com/  You will have a phenomenal experience!

It was a great honor to meet some wonderful and talented photographers, and to share my experiences and knowledge with them!   We also had an exceptional group of models who were also nurses!  It was hard to beat the beauty and the phenomenal weather of Hawaii!  Here are some of the images I captured during the workshop – enjoy!



Exquisite set of images! WOW!

HOTTT SET. these chicks are friggin hot. Where did you guys find them? And the komodo, must have them. Keep it up master T! They still call you that right?