Atlanta, GA wedding | Esther & Jacob

Emerald Grand Wedding Photography

Hope everyone has a very merry christmas!

🙂 love them! thanks T for capturing our day(s)! 😛 the boxer ones.. i didn’t know he decided to do that. a little random, jacob.

Jacob, I didn’t know you got married – congratulations! It looks like wedding was grand, pictures are fantastic and really fun! Your wife is beautiful, keep her smiling and – congratulations to you two again.

Love it!! So many amazing shots.

BAM!!!!!!! man you are on fire! amazing photographs of esther and jacob they will cherish these forever. as bandele said, thee photos screen luxury and quality barnone my friend. great job and definitely worth waiting for!

Esther and Jacob – these. are. so. beautiful. AH! I loved looking at them! Congrats again! So happy for you two! 🙂

Whoa! GREAT job!!! You deserve the title “Masta T”! Excellent vision and imagery. You really delivered for Esther and Jacob!

POW! Absolutely stunning T!! I’ve been waiting to for Esther & Jacob’s wedding pics and now I finally get to see them it’s been worth the wait! The quality of your work screams luxury and your lighting so exquisite! Gonna take another look (again)….